50/50 Experience - For groups 10 or More

Sale price$45.00

Send us a message to book an experience for groups 10 ormore at info@total-incentives.com or text at 312-622-2653.


  • 3 Assorted Pacari Chocolate Bars (50 gr. each)
  • 3 Assorted Pacari Mini-bars (10 gr. each)
  • Sensory flavor wheel & chocolate placemat PDF ready to print via email
  • Full tasting/presentation
  • Preparation email with pairing suggestions
  • 15% Discount code for participants after the event


  • Packaging 
  • Shipping: Not included, using your preferred carrier number or Total Incentive's number

ADD-ONS (Optional)

  • Company logo sticker 3x5 
  • Postcard 4x6 or custom letter 
  • Trifold: Customized printed sensory flavor wheel, placemat, and pairing guide

Lead Time: 3 weeks