Alibu Tea Infusion - 100% Natural -MIX

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This Ecuadorian fruit tea infusions are created through a delicate selection and dehydration process, resulting in 4 unique and delicious flavors.

Dare to try them cold or hot!

Box contains: Five (5) tea bags

Weight: 60 g total


This delicious combination of selected fruits and flowers of the forest will tempt your senses.

strawberry, blackberry, hisbiscus, stevia 1 unit 12g


Health Benefits

Anti-inflammatory. It can also reduce hypertension cholesterol. It is good to lose weight and to renew the skin. It participates to prevent cancer as it is rich in fibre and iron.


Our tropical and exotic fruits are simply delicious and nutritious! Overflowing with flavor, the featured fruits  in this infusion are dehydrated to preserve their smooth texture and will surely bring an irresistible flavor to your mouth.

pineapple, naranjilla, mango, stevia 1 units 12g


Health Benefits 

Help digesting after heavy meal. They are also diuretic, anti- inflammatory and immuno-stimulant. This combination is good to reduce stress and contains vitamins such as C, E, B1, B6, B9..

With this seductive mixture of passion fruit, pineapple and grapefruit we lead you to an explosion of passion that will lift your spirit.
pineapple, golden-berry, passion fruit, stevia  2 units        12g

Health Benefits

helps to reduce hypertension and cholesterol. Very good to recover during flu. The pineapples make it diuretic, prostatic and combat stress while passion fruit act against insomnia. Rich in fibre potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin A, C, and B.


This exclusive fruit infusion adds a touch of fantasy to your day. This unique blend has been carefully crafted to balance the sweet flavor of tropical and citrus fruits and the spicy sensation of the ginger.

pineapple, tangerine, ginger, lemon, stevia 1 units 12g


Health Benefits 

Is antiviral, anti-inflammatory and diuretic. The ginger associated with lemon strengthen the defences. It is also good to reduce the cholesterol and improves blood circulation and eliminate toxins. Rich in vitamin C and E.