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Are you a coffee lover or enthusiast? Interested in trying new tastes & flavors of South America? Our newest tasting experiences are exactly what you're looking for. The best coffee is the one you like, and we can guarantee you will love our Café Quindío premium coffee products & tasting experiences from the heart of Colombia! 

Coffee From The Heart Of Colombia

Introducing single origin coffee Cafe Quindio, the coffee from the heart of Colombia. A coffee roasting family company with more than 23 years in the market and pioneer of developing products derived from the famous coffee bean in Quindio, Colombia. 

Give appreciation for those you care the most with an authentic coffee tasting experience, beautiful gift sets and incentive travel to the Colombian coffee region!

Meet Your Coffee Experience Host!

Lina Granados

Lina grew up in a coffee grower's family and loves working with Colombian coffee growers who work daily with a handmade process that results in the best coffee in the world. Lina's coffee, Cafe Quindio, has won several awards in 2020, it was among the five best Arabian coffee produced in Colombia. Join Lina for an incredible coffee tasting experience!

Perfect Pairing

$65 per person

What's better than coffee and cookies? This gift box allows you to taste the incredible flavors of Colombian coffee alongside our delectable cafecitas & merenguitos cookies! 

Hot Off The Press

$80 per person

A travel coffee press? Yes, we have it! Brew and enjoy your Colombian ground coffee anywhere - at home, at work, or even on vacation! This gift set also include a branded coffee mug to add to your collection.

Grind 'N' Go

$90 per person

If you love to make freshly ground coffee, this gift box is perfect! Get your hands on your own personal coffee grinder alongside our premium whole bean coffee products and our unique travel press mug. 

Grab 'N' Go

$23 per person

Build your own coffee experience or gift set! Choose items from our collection of coffee products to create the ideal premium Colombian coffee experience for you and your guests.

 Ready to Experience Café Quindío?

Let’s talk about how we can customize your coffee tasting experience to be part of your next event. If you are interested to learn more and determine if our coffee tasting experience is right for your event, send us a message and we will contact you in a timely manner.

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